Medication Management

What is medication management?

Medication management is the process of watching over a patient’s prescription drugs to make sure they are taken as prescribed and have the intended therapeutic effect. Medications are used in medication management at Brightstar Psychiatry to enhance your mental health and wellbeing. As a last resort to improve your child’s quality of life, Dr. Aman may prescribe and advise medication regiments along with treatment. Medication is not Dr. Aman’s initial option for treatment; but he understands where it may be necessary. Each drug regimen is customized by him to meet your specific requirements.


Why could I require medication management?

If your child experiences one or more of the following issues, your child might be a candidate for medication management at Brightstar Psychiatry:

– Anxiety conditions
– Depression
– Bipolar illness
– Hyperactive/attention-deficit disorder (ADHD)
– Disorder of inattention (ADD)
– Disorder of compulsive behavior (OCD)
– Autism
– Schizophrenia
– Trauma-related stress disorder (PTSD)
– Tourette Syndrome or tics
– The disordered use of drugs
– Aspects of other mental health

A straightforward remedy that significantly enhances general wellbeing and mental health involves taking medication.

Which medication works best for me?

For the purpose of selecting the best medications for you, Dr. Aman examines your child’s symptoms and medical background. In order to identify or rule out underlying causes of mental health difficulties, he may, as appropriate, advise that your child undertake blood tests or a physical examination.

He also asks your child a number of questions regarding your thoughts, feelings, behavior patterns, and lifestyle choices during a psychiatric evaluation.

What can I expect from medication management?

It’s important for your child to take medication exactly as prescribed by Dr. Aman when on medication management. To make sure your child’s treatment is effective, check in with him again. Additionally, he could advise seeking treatment to cure your child’s illness, as well as adopting healthy lifestyle adjustments including getting more sleep, working out every day, experimenting with stress-reduction techniques, and eating wholesome meals.

He adjusts the treatment if necessary and customizes each medication management plan to match your child’s desired results.

To learn more about medication management at Brightstar Psychiatry and find out if it’s right for your child, call the office.



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